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Beth Van Duyne

I am a single, working-mother of two amazing kids. Every day, I remind them that we live in the greatest state, in the greatest nation, in the history of the world.

Where else, but the United States, could a girl leave home at the age of 17, put herself through college, become the first female Mayor of her hometown, and then be asked to serve America in a presidential administration?

My name is Beth Van Duyne and I’m running for Congress because I know the people of the 24th District deserve to have a strong, principled voice in Congress.

I’ve been asked what prompted me to run for public office; the answer is simple – my children. We live in a very fragile time for our nation, our families, and the future of the American Dream. Socialism is on the rise, our border crisis has never been worse, and we face constant threats from hostile nations willing to use cyber-attacks, nuclear weapons, and terrorist jihad. When I think about my two children, I want them to have the same opportunities in life that I did; I want them to be able to grow up safe and proud of our country.

I’m a single mom, a conservative Republican, a reformer who has defeated government corruption, a believer in the rule of law who has helped remove thousands of criminal aliens from North Texas, a leader who helped deliver growth and new job opportunities, and a Constitutionalist who has never backed down when it comes to protecting the rights of all North Texans.