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Tim Walz

Tim’s career has been defined by public service, from serving in the National Guard for 24 years, to serving our students as a high school teacher and football coach, to serving our state as a Congressman, and now as Minnesota’s 41st Governor.

Tim’s parents, Jim and Darlene, instilled in him the values that continue to guide his commitment to the common good and selfless service. Summers working on his family’s farm reinforced these lessons.

As governor during an unprecedented global crisis, Tim’s decisive actions saved lives, made Minnesota’s COVID-19 response a national model, and put our state on the path to recovery.

While leading the Upper Midwest in the percentage of the population fully vaccinated, Tim provided over $100 million in loans and grants to help restaurants, cafes, barbershops, and other small businesses weather the pandemic. And in every one of the budgets he signed, Tim cut people’s taxes, including in the most recent budget which provided over a billion dollars in tax relief for businesses and individuals who needed help during the pandemic.

During his first term, Tim signed two education budget bills providing historic investments in our schools, helping our students recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and receive a quality education to ensure they succeed for years to come.

The Walz Administration established the One Minnesota Council on Inclusion and Equity to create a more equitable state and ensure that the people most affected by policies have a seat at the table and a voice in decision making. After Republicans in the legislator blocked the bill, Tim took action to protect LGBTQ+ Minnesotans from the harmful and discredited practice of “conversion therapy.” Tim also signed a hands-free driving bill into law, prohibiting the use of handheld cell phones while driving, to reduce distracted driving and save lives.

Despite Republican efforts to end the program, Tim and Peggy fought hard to preserve the Health Care Access Fund that over a million Minnesotans rely on for affordable and accessible health care.

Climate change is an urgent and existential threat to the things we love about living in Minnesota. That’s why Tim and Peggy took urgent action to tackle climate change by establishing the Climate Change Subcabinet, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Climate Change, and directing the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to implement clean car standards.