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Thomas P. Tiffany

Tom Tiffany has deep roots in Wisconsin. He grew up on a dairy farm in Elmwood, Wisconsin, received an agricultural degree from UW-River Falls and went on to be a successful small business owner.

Tom and his wife Chris owned and operated Wilderness Cruises in Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods for 20 years, and he served as the damtender on the Willow Flowage for 29 years. Yes, he was a dam man!

Tom served as a supervisor in the Town of Little Rice for two terms and ran for State Assembly in 2010 when the state was mired in high unemployment and soaring budget deficits. After two years in the State Assembly, Tom was elected to the State Senate where he helped balance the budget and worked tirelessly to protect private property rights and defend the Second Amendment and our region’s rich hunting and fishing heritage.

Tom believes the same common-sense that defines northern and western Wisconsin is sorely needed in Washington DC. He knows taking power from unelected bureaucrats in the Washington, DC “Swamp” and restoring freedom to the people is how we restore the American Dream, prosperity and happiness for all.


In one short year, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Biden’s embrace of big government socialism has hammered American families. These irresponsible policies have fueled record inflation, higher prices for gas and groceries, put America at the mercy of foreign oil cartels, piled up record trade deficits with countries like China, and consistently prioritized welfare checks over paychecks. The solution is simple. It is time to stop spending money on expensive and ineffective federal handouts that the American people do not want and cannot afford. It is time to encourage responsible energy production right here at home, instead of shutting down critical infrastructure projects like Keystone XL – and to stop wasting billions of tax dollars on unreliable “green energy” subsidies. It is time to unleash American productivity by modernizing anti-competitive job killing rules, regulations, and taxes. Most importantly, it’s time to end the failed policy of heavy-handed, government-imposed lockdowns, shutdowns, and mandates. Big government socialism always fails. Small government freedom always succeeds.


America has a spending problem not a revenue problem. Washington DC isn’t swimming in red ink because taxes are too low – it is because politicians spend too much. That’s why Tom has proposed a budget that balances in five years while protecting critical safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare that Americans have paid into their whole lives. A good place to start is with expensive, open-ended Covid spending programs which have been plagued by fraud, discouraged work, and in many cases, made things worse – not better – for the American people. Tom helped balance the budget in Wisconsin, and as a former small businessman, knows what it’s like to sign both sides of a paycheck – valuable experience he will bring to the U.S. Capitol.


As the father of three daughters, Tom has seen the miracle of life firsthand. Pelosi and Company are voting to strip Hyde Amendment protections – forcing taxpayers to fund abortions – including late-term abortions right up to the moment birth. Tom will always defend life and work every day to make sure your tax dollars do not fund abortions.


On January 20, 2021 President Biden made America a borderless country with his unilateral executive decrees. The results have been devastating: A tidal wave of illegal aliens streaming across our southern border from every corner of the world, making every state in the U.S. a border state. But it’s even worse than that. President Biden’s reckless disregard for the law has made our government complicit in what is effectively the world’s largest international human trafficking cartel. After a trip to the border in Arizona, three trips to the Rio Grande in Texas and a visit to the jungle in Panama; I can tell you the solution is simple. We must restore the Trump administration’s successful “Remain in Mexico” program. We must finish constructing the border wall. We must put a stop to the Biden’s administration’s destructive “catch and release” program. We must put an end to illegal so-called “sanctuary” policies. We must stop providing taxpayer-funded financial incentives to illegal aliens that only encourage more illegal immigration. And we must hold drug smugglers, human traffickers, and unscrupulous employers who knowingly violate our immigration laws, accountable. Americans expect their leaders to prioritize our national security, our economic security, and our job security – and that starts with getting serious about border security.


Tom is a lifetime National Rifle Association member with an A+ rating. While in the legislature Tom voted for both concealed carry and the Castle Doctrine law. Americans have a God-given constitutional right to protect themselves, their families, and their property. “Shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed,” and Tom is committed to defending our right to keep and bear arms against any assault from left-wing, big city politicians. Period.


When it comes to crime, President Biden’s first year in office has been the most dangerous in recent memory. Police are on the retreat while criminals are emboldened. Fifteen cities across America broke records for murders in 2021 – and homicides recently hit their highest level in the United States since the FBI began keeping statistics. Meanwhile, progressive politicians across the country continue to call for “Defunding the Police” – even as smash-and-grab robberies escalate and hardened, repeat offenders are released from jail through “no cash bail.” Americans are sick of hearing sustained, violent rioting, looting, arson, assault, and wide-scale property destruction described as “mostly peaceful protests” by liberal media talking heads. They are tired of watching dangerous psychopaths like the Waukesha parade killer commit crime after crime – only to be returned to our streets with no consequences. Enough is enough. Tom is committed to standing up for decent, law-abiding Americans, making sure our cops have the resources and tools they need to keep our communities safe, and supporting policies that put criminals behind bars – where they belong.


Tom has already made an impact by helping farmers, including ginseng growers and mink farmers through farm support programs. As a member of the Natural Resources Committee he will work to lessen regulatory burdens so all Wisconsin farms can succeed. Most of all, Tom is committed to supporting all farmers – and has sponsored legislation to dismantle an unfair, unconstitutional Biden administration program that openly discriminates against farmers based solely on the color of their skin by earmarking billions in federal farm assistance exclusively for minority farmers.


Tom has made veterans outreach a priority in the short time he has been in office. Veterans who have earned their benefits should receive them. Tom voted for the Defense Bill to give our rank-and-file troops a raise and he vigorously opposed vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration on our troops.


Choice, competition and transparency are the pillars to having affordable health care. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration seems committed to a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to health care. There is a better way. Let’s give patients more choices, greater transparency and allow health care providers to serve their patients instead of imposing a command-and-control health care system. Americans should be free to buy the kind of health care coverage they want at prices they can afford based on their own unique medical needs. They should not be forced to purchase plans that politicians and government bureaucrats tell them they ought to want. With passage of the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, it is also time to allow prescription drug reimportation from Canada, so Americans can shop for safe, approved prescription drugs on both sides of our northern border.


Tom has been at the forefront fighting to keep kids in school, masks optional and radical, destructive Critical Race Theory indoctrination out of school curriculum. As a Member of the House Judiciary Committee, Tom stood up to President Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland, who attempted to sic the FBI on parents attending school board meetings. Tom and his colleagues called out Garland when his department compared concerned parents to “domestic terrorists,” and when it was revealed his son-in-law owns a company peddling poisonous Critical Race Theory curriculum around the country. Kids should be in school learning how to read, write and do math in the classroom – not getting brainwashed to believe that some of their classmates are “oppressors” and others are “victims” based solely on their skin tone.


For decades, Communist China’s dictatorship has taken advantage of the United States. Americans have watched as Washington politicians of both political parties and multinational corporations have exported good U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas, dumped counterfeit and sometimes dangerous Chinese goods into our country and flooded our nation with Chinese products made using forced slave labor – all in the name of “free trade.” But these “free trade” policies have been anything but “free.” They have harmed countless American families while enriching China’s rulers, who have utilized decades of trade surpluses with America to bankroll a massive military buildup, steal our trade secrets, commit widespread human rights abuses and genocide, and threaten American interests and allies around the world. Even now, as the world enters another year of economic turmoil caused by a global pandemic that originated in China, the Biden administration refuses to change course. Tom is committed to holding Communist China accountable by supporting fair trade policies that level the playing field, cracking down on Chinese human rights abuses, and put the interest of American families and American workers first.