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Pete Stauber

Congressman Pete Stauber is a Duluth native, currently serving his second term in Congress as the Representative from Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District. Congressman Stauber believes that Northeastern Minnesota deserves strong, principled leadership in Washington, D.C. and is focused on unleashing the economic engine in the region.

Congressman Stauber currently serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Small Business Committee, and Natural Resources Committee. On the Natural Resources Committee, Congressman Stauber serves as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, where he remains committed to maintaining American energy independence and ending reliance on foreign minerals.

Congressman Stauber has a remarkable record of public service. Prior to his time in Congress, Stauber worked as a St. Louis County Commissioner, City Councilor in Hermantown, and Duluth police officer for over two decades.

During his tenure as a police officer, Stauber was the victim of two violent gun crimes. In 1995, he was shot in the head while off-duty by a criminal with multiple past offenses. A few years later, a suspect pulled the trigger at point blank range, and by the grace of God, the gun malfunctioned. His experience as a police officer solidified his view that more must be done to support law enforcement and create safer communities, which is why he is leading policing legislation called the JUSTICE Act in the House.

Congressman Stauber graduated from Denfeld High School and received a scholarship to play hockey at Lake Superior State University. During his sophomore year, Stauber became team captain and led the Lakers to a Division 1 National Championship. Following college graduation, he went on to play hockey with the Detroit Red Wings Organization.

Congressman Stauber lives in Hermantown with his wife Jodi, an Iraq War veteran and the first female Command Chief of the 148th Fighter Wing. Together, they are the proud parents of five children: Levi, Luke, Isaac, Addilynn, and Theo. They are also proud foster parents.


Under Democrat control, Washington is recklessly spending money it doesn’t have causing inflation to rise and the cost of living to skyrocket for Minnesota families. Thanks to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the average working family is spending an extra $5,200 this year. With our nation now surpassing $30 Trillion in the red, there has never been a more urgent time to stop spending money we don’t have. Our nation is drowning in trillions of dollars of debt while millions of Americans are still struggling. We need to change course. We should consider passing a constitutional balanced budget amendment.


As a 23-year police officer, Pete knows what it means to stand with our law enforcement and enforce law and order. Rejecting the nonsensical calls to defund our police, Pete is fighting in Congress to ensure we provide our law enforcement with the resources they need to keep our communities safe. We also must secure our borders. Joe Biden’s historic border crisis allows violent criminals to traffic humans and dangerous fentanyl freely across our borders. Border security is national security, and under Biden, we have neither. We must enforce our laws, increase border security, and get rid of Biden’s borderless approach.


Joe Biden hasn’t simply mishandled American energy, he declared a war on it the day he stepped into office when he canceled the Keystone pipeline. The Biden-Pelosi botched and bungled anti-energy policies are directly causing gas and energy prices to skyrocket. If the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown us anything, we need to end the war on American energy and promote North American oil by supporting worthy projects like Line 3 and Keystone XL. We need to fight for mining our natural resources right here in the 8th district and reduce our critical mineral dependence on foreign adversaries.


Life, liberty, and freedom is the cornerstone of Pete’s campaign. A strong, consistent voice for those who can’t defend themselves, Pete will always stand for the unborn and strongly opposes any efforts to use taxpayer funds for abortion. As a former law enforcement officer and a victim of two violent gun crimes, Pete is committed to protecting the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing your right to defend your family and your home. Pete also is fighting against the tyrannical mandates wrongly imposed by Joe Biden and Tim Walz on our businesses, schools, and our own personal medical decisions. Enough is enough.