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Russell Fry

Congressman Russell Fry is proud to serve the Grand Strand and Pee Dee as their Representative for South Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District.

Russell is a true believer in the American Dream. Growing up he watched his parents work hard for every penny they earned, and since then Russell has been doing the same. He put himself through his undergraduate education at the University of South Carolina and law school at the Charleston School of Law, where he served as president of the Student Bar Association, helped the school achieve its American Bar Association accreditation, and also received the prestigious Civility Award. After this, he practiced law along the Grand Strand for over a decade.

As an Eagle Scout, Russell shares the sentiment that “you should leave your campsite better than you found it.” Every day he strives towards a goal that “we should leave our country better than we found it.” Growing up, he saw first-hand how government’s actions directly affect families living paycheck to paycheck, and he is committed to fighting for those who don’t always have a voice.

Russell is a public servant and active member of his community. Prior to this role, he represented State House District 106 (Horry County) in South Carolina’s General Assembly for seven years. He served as Chief Majority Whip, where he fought for lower taxes, less government, pro-Second Amendment legislation, and pro-life legislation. Russell also chaired the House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee, which resulted in 18 policy initiatives being signed into law and record funding for opioid prevention, education, and treatment.

Russell is a loving husband to his wife, Bronwen, and dedicated father to their son, James. The family lives in Murrells Inlet with their chocolate lab, Jasper.


40-year high inflation, gas prices that have doubled, American families having to spend $5,000-$8,000 more this year due to price increases. The Biden Administration and Democrats have ruined our strong economy with reckless spending, launching war on American energy independence, and increasing regulations on American enterprise. Like you, Russell knows that lower taxes, fewer regulatory hoops, energy independence, less federal spending, and free markets are the key to economic prosperity.


Two years ago the Democrat-led, Washington elite was handed our country on a silver platter and since then they’ve destroyed it. Outsiders like Russell are ready to go to Washington and reclaim our country. From Myrtle Beach to McBee and Dillion to Darlington, people deserve to have a proven conservative Congressman they can trust, who will put them and America first. Russell’s record shows he’s a consistent, courageous conservative who isn’t afraid to take on the liberals and the Washington establishment. Russell loves his country and he’s ready to take it back.


An expanding federal bureaucracy, a partisan Justice Department, government-mandated lockdowns. Nancy Pelosi and her pals are pushing the most destructive policies we’ve ever seen. More and more, the federal government is increasingly intruding into our everyday lives. The Democrats just added 87,000 more IRS agents that are coming straight for the American workforce. Russell knows America is worth fighting for and our freedoms and liberties are worth defending. That’s why he will proudly stand with fellow conservatives in Congress and put a check on Democrats’ controlling power.


The Biden Administration’s blind eye to our out-of-control and deadly southern border puts American lives at risk every day. Human traffickers, drug lords, criminals, and thousands of pounds of illegal drugs are flowing through our open border. The United States needs a strong and secure border to keep our country safe.


Americans across the country witnessed serious voting irregularities in the 2020 elections — ballot harvesting and judicial overreach to name just a few. Russell knows free and fair elections are the bedrock of our Republic. He understands citizens must have confidence that only qualified voters are casting ballots. As author of both the “Voter ID for Absentee” and closed primaries bills in South Carolina, Russell wants to make it harder to cheat in elections. Now he’s ready to continue that fight nationally.


Russell Fry is a courageous, consistent conservative who gets things done. As State Representative for District 106 and a champion of the America First agenda, Russell is a leading voice on election integrity, growing the economy, ending human trafficking, and battling the opioid epidemic.

As Chief Majority Whip, Russell was instrumental in passing the Open Carry Act (the biggest advancement in Second Amendment rights in 25 years) and the Fetal Heartbeat Bill (the strongest prolife legislation ever approved by the General Assembly). Additionally, Russell helped shepherd through the South Carolina House the Religion is Essential Act, which prevents government from closing our churches’ doors. He also co-sponsored bills to expand school choice, ban vaccine passports, save women’s sports, close primaries from crossover political meddling, require ID to vote via absentee ballot, and establish term limits to end career politicians.

Before being elected to guard the faith, families, and freedom of his fellow citizens, Russell practiced law along the Grand Strand. He worked his way through Charleston School of Law where he served as president of the Student Bar Association, helped the school achieve its American Bar Association accreditation, and even received the prestigious Civility Award.

An Eagle Scout and Socastee High School alumnus, Russell graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in business administration.

Born in Surfside Beach, Russell’s parents taught him from an early age that with hard work and a good education, the American Dream is within reach. He experienced that firsthand as a child—living in a cinderblock home with no heat or air-conditioning—as his parents struggled from paycheck to paycheck, saving when they could and tightening their belts when they had to.

Russell understands the things that matter most to us are never guaranteed—they’re earned. That’s why he’ll never take your support for granted and is committed to earning your vote.