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Ralph Norman

Congressman Ralph Norman is a lifelong resident of South Carolina’s 5th district. After graduating from Rock Hill High School in 1971, he attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, and graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

After college, he joined his father’s construction business and helped grow it into one of South Carolina’s most successful commercial real estate developers.

Over the course of his career, Ralph has served with a number of organizations dedicated to improving the community, including the York County Home Builders Association, the Children’s Attention Home, the Salvation Army, and the Medical University of South Carolina Board of Visitors.

He has consistently demonstrated his dedication to conservative principles. Throughout his political career in the South Carolina House of Representatives and the U.S. House of Representatives, he has consistently voted in favor of limited government, individual liberties, and sound financially policies.

Ralph married Elaine Rice Norman on December 28,1974. Elaine also is a lifelong resident of South Carolina, growing up in Belton. Together, they have 4 adult children: Warren, Anne, Mary Catherine, and Caroline, 17 grandchildren.

His values

The truth is that conservative values have done far more to help our nation’s people and economy than feel-good liberal politics. Ralph is a no-nonsense conservative Republican who believes in:

Fiscal Responsibility

Federal spending should be a wise and appropriate use of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Less Federal Government

The 10th Amendments makes the rights of states very clear. Washington’s influence should only increase when absolutely necessary.

Strong Families

The benefits of strong, traditional American families cannot be overstated, and should be promoted and protected.

Strong National Defense

The protection of our nation and citizens is the government’s most important responsibility.

Fairness and Equal Opportunity

We must always protect civil liberties and promote a fair society - one that is blind to race, nationality, gender, and religion.

Individual Liberty

With proper safeguards, we should always promote personal responsibility, not government reliance.