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Mayra Flores

Congresswoman Mayra Flores currently represents the 34th Congressional district of Texas. She is the first-ever congresswoman to be born in Mexico and is a strong conservative voice for her community in Washington. While she is in her first term in Congress, her impressive background and experience earned her a seat in both the House Agriculture and Homeland Security Committees.

Before serving her community in Congress, Mayra worked with the elderly and disabled, who had chronic respiratory issues, and was on the front lines helping patients combat COVID-19. Once again, her passion for helping her community was reflected in her desire to help the most vulnerable in times of need.

Mayra remains a firm believer in the American Dream and will be a fierce fighter in ensuring others achieve it, just as she has. She is eternally grateful to her parents for providing her with an opportunity to come to this amazing country and to live out the American Dream, now from the halls of Congress.