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Max L. Miller

Max Miller, 34, recently served four years in the White House as Director of Presidential Advance and as a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump. Max served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for six years. ‍ Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Max learned the value of hard work from his father, Abe, who owns an American cap manufacturing company in Cleveland. He saw first-hand the destruction to Ohio’s middle-class by politicians and corporations who abandoned the American Dream in favor of cheap, exploitative foreign labor. Max shares the frustration of Northeast Ohioans as drugs pour over our southern border making their way into our local communities while Congress and the Federal Government stand idly by.

Max is a first-time candidate running to represent the citizens of Ohio’s 7th District and bring level-headed action and legislation that puts Ohio and America First. He will stand up for the 7th District, be their voice in Congress, and focus on the issues that are hurting the district the most – inflation, high gas and grocery prices, fentanyl overdoses caused by an unfettered southern border, supporting law enforcement, and a return to energy independence.

A Northeast Ohio native, Max earned his bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University. Max and his wife Emily live in Rocky River with their two dogs – Gus and Wyn.


Political agendas should not be a higher priority than educating Ohioans. We must reject critical race theory and sexual indoctrination at our schools. School choice will allow parents to remove their kids from schools that fail them or attempt to indoctrinate them. Kids should be learning about American civics and skills that will allow them to live a worthwhile life.

Foreign Policy

Joe Biden’s foreign policy failures have allowed other nations to fill the power vacuum. The botched withdraw in Afghanistan was the first domino to fall. Russian war in Ukraine, a nuclear Iran, North Korea firing missiles again and a deteriorating relationship with China have all followed. We need an America first foreign policy that allows us to lead where we need to, protect our interests, and supports our allies.

Service in Washington

Americans are tired of elected officials going to Washington to cash in. Many politicians use insider information and their positions to gain personal wealth and status. This undermines our system and trust from the American public, which is why Max will donate 25% of his congressional salary to charity, refuse to take a congressional pension, and put his assets in a blind trust.


One of the largest industries in Ohio is agriculture. Farmers feed us and drive the American economy. Farmers are also some of the biggest victims of the Biden-Inflation disaster. Rising energy costs and input costs across the board are crushing our farmers and Max will be a voice in Washington working to get Ohio’s farmers the support they need to weather this storm.


Americans are already suffering from the impacts of inflation. The Biden administration has piled on by raising the costs of energy with policies that put China, the Middle East and Russia first by cutting American energy production off at the knees. The time has come to re-commit to American energy independence and make us safer, provide cheaper energy and put Americans back to work.


The lawlessness at the Southern Border has led to illicit drugs on our streets, dangerous criminals getting rich, and human trafficking of innocent victims. Mass migration places strains on services across America. Criminals who should have never been able to enter our country do so freely. The radical position of open borders has made all of us less safe as dangerous drugs like fentanyl kill Americans right here in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District.


We need to do all we can to make America the best place on the planet to create a job. Job creators of all sizes are attacked for their success. The number one thing that will lift our neighbors out of poverty and put them on a path to a better life is a good paying job. Get government out of the way and our job creators will make Ohio and America stronger

Law Enforcement

Max knows how important law enforcement is in keeping our families safe. While radical Democrats want to defund and degrade our law enforcement on the front lines, Max will fight for increased funding and support for law enforcement. With police morale at an all-time low, we run the risk of losing some of most important members of our community at a time when we need them the most.


The Biden Administration will offer every excuse possible for why the American people are being crushed by inflation. Overspending led us to this disaster and Democrats want to keep pushing us over the cliff by dumping in more cash and raising taxes on working families. Max believes our only way out of this mess is to curb spending, lower taxes and get Americans back to work.