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Marie Gluesenkamp Perez

Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is a fifth-generation Washingtonian, former small business owner, and working mom who serves as Southwest Washington’s independent voice in Congress. As the daughter of an immigrant and pastor, Marie learned by example the importance of working for her community.

Marie earned her degree in economics at Reed College and co-owned an auto repair and machine shop with her husband, Dean, before coming to Congress. They were able to purchase their building with the help of an SBA loan and know the difficult choices small business owners often need to make.

In Congress, Marie is fighting to make progress on the issues facing Southwest Washingtonians, defend democracy, and level the playing field for working families like hers.

Marie lives in rural Skamania County with her husband and young son.

About Rep Marie

Marie’s great great grandpa Bert Gilmore helped build the Washington State Capitol building as the quarry foreman and her grandmother Carol Gilmore was born in a logging camp in Sappho, Washington. Her own parents met at Western Washington University after her father immigrated from Mexico.

Marie graduated from Reed College and owns an independent auto-repair shop with her husband Dean that has grown to 6-bays wide. They were able to purchase their building with the support of a loan from the SBA in 2018 and are proud to provide living wage jobs to their employees.

Marie and Dean face increasing healthcare costs for their family. While they pay $500 a month for health insurance for their infant son, like so many Washingtonians, they simply can’t afford an additional $1,200 to cover themselves. And like so many families today, they struggle with finding quality affordable childcare – so their son goes to the auto shop with them everyday.

In short, Marie is exactly the kind of working class Washingtonian that has been left behind in this economy and frankly ignored by the political extremes in our Nation’s Capital – and that’s exactly why she’s running for Congress in Washington State’s Third Congressional District.

In Congress, Marie will be a voice for working Washingtonians
  • Support small businesses and worker’s rights
  • Lower the costs of healthcare, childcare and prescription drug
  • Address Climate Change by Investing in Clean Energy
  • Get Big Money Out of Politics by Overturning Citizens United
  • Invest and expand apprenticeship and skills training programs
  • Protect women’s access to health and rights
  • Tackle the rising costs of food, gas and housing