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Keith Self

Congressman Keith Self is currently serving his first term in Congress as the Representative of the 3rd District of Texas.

Lieutenant Colonel Keith Self was born in a military hospital in 1953 during his father’s service in the United States Army, returning to Texas with their five-week-old son. The family moved some during Keith’s youth but soon settled in their home state of Texas, a state that has been home to both sides of Keith’s family for five generations.

A1 ClassAfter graduation from High School in Amarillo, Keith accepted an appointment to The United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated in 1975 to begin a career of service to our country. His fellow service members came to respect and admire this leader who personified his “Texas Tough” approach to leadership. His service took him to Europe, the Middle East, and the Pentagon, where he worked on the most sensitive of military matters. Widely recognized for his strong gift of leadership, Keith served as Infantry Platoon Leader, Special Forces Detachment Commander, Company Commander, as the Executive Officer to a Major General in Egypt, responsible for managing $2 Billion in security assistance. In addition, Keith served in Joint Staff assignments in US European Command and later in NATO Military Headquarters in Belgium. During his career, Keith received the Master Parachutist Badge, Ranger Tab, Special Forces Tab, and held some of the highest level of security clearances. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Keith Self - Swearing in as County JudgePublic service is the hallmark of Keith’s life.

Upon retiring from the Army, he ran for and was elected County Judge in Collin County, TX, in 2006, one of the fastest-growing in America. As a leader in Collin County, Keith’s strong, no-nonsense approach was applauded by citizens and colleagues. While other counties were raising taxes, Keith was cutting them – by 25%. While pension systems threatened to ruin finances in many counties, Keith reformed the pension system and saved countless taxpayer dollars. He took on special interests and won. He was often the lone conservative voice on the Executive Board of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The voters rewarded him with three consecutive terms as County Judge before he retired in 2018. Once again, Keith Self’s Texas Tough leadership made a difference for his community and his country.

Keith & Tracy SelfFaith in Christ is the Foundation

Keith met the love of his life, Tracy, at a Young Life Christian Fellowship group. Faith in Christ is the foundation of their lives and marriage. Their faith informs every aspect of life and serves as the chief motivator for Keith’s service to others.

Keith and Tracy are members of the Stonebriar Community Church. He has served on the boards of the Samaritan Inn, the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, the US Army Recruiting Battalion Advisory Board (chairman), the Veterans Selection Committee of “Smiles” as chairman. He was twice the In-Country Coordinator for the Officers Christian Fellowship (OCF) while serving in Europe. Keith is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a member of the Military Officers Association of America and the American Legion.


The Texas border with Mexico is open and in chaos, and the Biden administration’s open border policy is an intentional act of destabilization. Keith believes in going after cartel money in every banking institution where it is stashed, stopping non-governmental organizations from supporting the actual crossing operations, deploying sufficient Texas National Guard members to actually defend US sovereign territory, and if necessary, closing commercial traffic across the border in order to pressure Mexico to take stronger measures to stop the movement of illegal immigrants across their country.


Twitter allowed the Taliban to tweet, but banned an American president. Clearly, Big Tech poses a clear and present danger to freedom of speech and public debate in America. Selective censorship using shifting criteria must stop. Keith will fight to end the sweeping immunity given to the tech industry so that consumers have more legal tools to protect themselves.


Too many politicians have used COVID as an excuse to abuse their power and impose their will on American citizens. Keith opposes mask and vaccine mandates and trusts individuals to make decisions for themselves and their families. Keith also believes that doctors should be allowed and encouraged to prescribe proven treatments that do not meet the narrative of the progressive establishment.


Keith believes that elections must remain under state control, he supports election integrity laws such as requiring a photo ID to vote, and he insists that all future voting machines include a paper trail.


Some politicians voted to strip our nation’s history from the United States Capitol. Keith is not ashamed of our nation’s past, and he believes that our history and our heritage—both the good and the bad—deserve to be preserved and protected for future generations. We learn from history, we don’t bury it.


Keith hunted in the Texas panhandle as a boy, and he served with Airborne Infantry, Special Forces units and Joint units on four continents. He is a life-member of the National Rifle Association. Keith understands that gun ownership and self-defense are foundational to the American way of life, and he will fight all efforts by the left to curtail our Constitutional rights.


Keith believes in the sanctity and value of every human life. The sonogram is the greatest tool in our fight against the barbarism and child sacrifice of the abortion industry. In Congress, Keith will fight to protect the Hyde Amendment and finally defund Planned Parenthood.