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John S. Duarte

Congressman John Duarte is a fourth-generation farmer and nurseryman who proudly calls Modesto, California home. He and his wife, Alexandra, operate their wine grape and almond growing family business, Duarte Nursery, together. And as parents to four children, John and Alexandra are proud to have raised their four children in the Central Valley’s public schools.

Currently, Congressman Duarte is serving his first term in the 118th Congress as Representative of California’s 13th District. Congressman Duarte serves on three committees in the U.S. House of Representatives: Agriculture, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Natural Resources. John is committed to using his platform to fight for the working families and Valley communities that Washington politics have left behind.

About John Duarte

Since immigrating to the United States, John’s family has proudly farmed in the Valley for four generations. Today, John grows almonds, pistachios, and grapes. As a farmer, John knows that success means hard work and tough decisions if you want to stay in business. When you’re in the orchard, there is no choice but to be accountable: as John loves to say, “you can’t lie to trees and you can’t lie to your bank account.” John wants to take these values to Washington DC to teach politicians a thing or two about integrity, accountability, and work ethic.

John has spent his life building his business, Duarte Nurseries, in the Valley. John’s first office was a kitchen table and he’s no stranger to sleepless nights and serious setbacks throughout his career. But, through handwork and the abundant opportunity available to him in the Valley, John was able to build Duarte Nurseries to where it is today and has provided a thousand good-paying Valley jobs. John is not a politician – he has real-life experience and knows what it takes to get a job done.

The grandson of immigrants, John is proud to call the Valley home. John is rolling up his sleeves and running for Congress because his experience has taught him that when a problem needs to be solved, you solve it. He sees what’s happening to the Valley and has decided to quit complaining and be part of the solution. Basic necessities are becoming unaffordable for our Valley’s working families – unable to afford gasoline, groceries, and rent because of Washington’s out-of-control spending. Our canals are running dry and our farmers are suffering because career politicians are flushing the water we need out to the ocean. Our communities are less safe every day as deadly drugs and gangs steal precious lives across our small towns.

John loves the Valley and knows what a blessing it is to live in a beautiful and hardworking community. He has had enough of career politicians who don’t understand our values and way of life. John wants to see every family in the Valley reach its full potential and our Valley to thrive once again.

The Congressman Our Valley Deserves

You try to do the right thing. You work hard. You follow the rules. You deserve a Congressman who puts our Valley first… a Congressman who puts you first. As your Congressman I’ll be on your side, every time. I’ll get you what you deserve.

You deserve gas, housing, and food that you can afford

You deserve to thrive, not just survive. Out-of-touch career politicians have put the needs of big corporations and special interests before us. They have driven prices sky high with reckless spending. Working Valley families are being forced to choose between food on the table and gas in the tank. As your Congressman I’ll do the right thing – I’ll vote to suspend the gas tax and cut fuel and food prices.

You deserve water for you, our farms, and our jobs

We need water for our farms. As a farmer and a businessman here in our Valley, I know how important water is to our working families and our family farms. The politicians talk about making sure we have enough water, but at the end of the day, they’ve gotten nothing done. Career politicians have looked out for big donors and special interests on the Coast, while our canals run empty. We’ve had enough empty talk, we need real results.

You deserve to feel safe in your neighborhood

Rising violence and crime are making our kids less safe. Now, gated-community career politicians even want to ‘Defund the Police.’ No way. I’ll put your safety first. I’ll fight against the ‘Defund the Police’ crowd. I’ll work hard to make sure our kids are safe in our schools and public spaces. And I’ll make sure our homeless get the help they need.

You deserve a good-paying job

Washington politicians are taking our water, raising prices on everything, and slapping unfair laws on small business owners. They are making it harder to find a good-paying job, harder to open a small business, and harder to get ahead. As a local farmer and businessman, I know what it’s like to build a business from scratch and to hit some bumps along the way. I know that if we make sure we have lower prices, more water, and fairer laws, we’ll have good-paying Valley jobs for everyone.

Our kids deserve a great education

Every child – no matter what challenges they face – deserves an environment that welcomes and supports them. They deserve teachers that make sure that when they graduate, they are prepared to thrive. As your Congressman, I will work hard to get schools back to basics and make sure that every student has the support they need in the classroom. I support school choice so our kids can find an environment that meets their needs.