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Jasmine Crockett

Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett has purposefully made every decision with one goal in mind: protecting the civil liberties of those in underrepresented communities. As a public defender, civil rights attorney, State Representative, and United States Congresswoman, Jasmine Crockett dedicates her life to public service, with the goal of serving justice and ensuring equality for all.

In the midst of political turmoil, economic distress, and racial inequality, Congresswoman Crockett laced up her shoes to march for justice and run for the Texas House of Representatives. The sole Black freshman and youngest Black lawmaker in Texas during the 87th Legislative Session, Congresswoman Crockett navigated what has been marked as the most conservative session in Texas history. Despite the uphill climb, Congresswoman Crockett filed more bills than any other freshman, assembled a wide coalition to pass landmark criminal justice reforms in the House, and brought more accessibility and accountability to her office than before. She was a founding member of both the Texas Progressive Caucus as well as the Texas Caucus on Climate, Energy, and the Environment. As State Representative, she fought for economic opportunity as a member of the Business & Industry Committee, and advocated for reform on the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. Congresswoman Crockett was one of the lead architects of the 2021 Texas House Quorum Break, which brought attention to the draconian and restrictive voting measures being proposed in the legislature.

Her passion for justice and the protection of peoples’ rights led her to pursue a career as a public defender, and civil rights and criminal defense attorney. She focused on defending our most vulnerable among us from exploitation in the criminal justice system. As she began her career in the Bowie County Public Defender’s Office, Congresswoman Crockett worked tirelessly to keep children safe and out of jail. Her time there serves as a reminder that criminal justice is an insurrectional issue.

Following her service in the Texas Legislature, Congresswoman Crockett accepted the call, and won election for retiring Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s congressional seat in Texas’ 30th District. Following her election, she hit the ground running and won a seat at the Leadership table as Freshman Leadership Representative, a position she will use to advocate for all Texans. As Freshman Leadership Representative, she is one of a few Black women ever elected to Democratic House Leadership. In Congress, Congresswoman Crockett hopes to continue to build on the legacy of Chairwoman Johnson, and will fight to expand access to healthcare, voting rights, economic opportunity, and dignity for all. She will fight to protect Medicare, Social Security, and expand critical social safety net programs. She will continue to be a tireless advocate for civil liberties, immigrant rights, and economic equity for women and the diverse communities across the State of Texas.

Congresswoman Crockett earned her B.A. in Business Administration from Rhodes College and her J.D. from the University of Houston. She is licensed to practice law in Texas, Arkansas, and Federal Courts. Crockett is the past Bowie County Democratic Party Chair, held various leadership positions within the legal community, is a former board member of the Dallas County Metrocare Services, and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

As a Congresswoman for all Texans, she’s looking forward to continuing our fight and ushering in the next generation of servant leadership in the halls of Congress and Washington, D.C.


Representative Jasmine Crockett has been a national voice for voting rights at the state and federal levels. As a leader of the Texas Democrat’s quorum break to stop Abbott’s voter suppression agenda, Jasmine took this fight to DC and pressured members of Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights and Restoration Act and the For The People Act. Jasmine believes that our democracy works best when all eligible voters have access to the ballot and a meaningful opportunity to elect a candidate who truly represents the community. Unless we make strides in voting rights, we will never have the representation or courage to effect change across the country or move forward on the issues that matter most. In 2021, Jasmine filed over a dozen bills that would modernize, secure, and make our elections more efficient while expanding access to the ballot for every eligible Texan. Her voting rights package included bills to automatically register, register online, vote-by-mail for all eligible voters, drive thru and 24-hour voting.


Jasmine believes healthcare is a human right and will champion policies that increase coverage and access, keep costs low, and ensure every American can get the healthcare they need in their own community. Jasmine also believes we should cover the full spectrum of healthcare including dental, vision, mental health, and reproductive freedom.


Jasmine has been named the Worker’s Champion by the Workers Defense Fund for her advocacy and steadfast commitment to working people and families. She believes everyone should be paid a livable wage, have the right to protections in the workplace, supports paid family and medical leave, and believes that one full-time job should be enough.


Texas has the highest rates of maternal mortality and the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. Jasmine is a vocal fighter against Abbott’s Six Week Ban and has joined multiple briefs to the Supreme Court asking them to strike this unconstitutional law down. She believes the choice of if and when to give birth, the number and spacing of pregnancies are all personal choices between a person and their physician — not politicians. Jasmine supports codifying Roe and ending the Hyde Amendment as first steps to secure the right to abortion.


Texas Congressional District 30 is home to rich diversity and has benefited greatly from the contributions of immigrants who call North Texas home. Jasmine firmly believes in creating a real pathway to citizenship, protecting DACA and fighting for DREAMers. We have bore witness to the atrocities being committed against migrants by our government and enough is enough. It is time we treat immigrants as people and recognize the grave dangers they are fleeing and their earnest desire to create a productive life in America. We are a nation of immigrants and that will not change but it is time our laws do.


as a criminal defense attorney and former public defender, Jasmine has a unique perspective and knowledge of our criminal justice system and it’s flaws. Jasmine sits on the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and has moved numerous criminal justice bills in the House. Jasmine is committed to improving our outdated, costly, and ineffective criminal justice system into one that is rehabilitative, reduces recidivism, is fiscally and morally responsible, and ensures we do not profiteer from incarceration.


As a small business owner, Jasmine knows our mom and pop shops are the backbone of not just our local economies but our very community. Jasmine believes we need an economy that works for everyone, and where we all have a fair shake. Jasmine has worked hard to bring economic opportunities to our district and will continue fighting for increased access to capital and increased resources for small businesses and woman-and minority-owned businesses.


Jasmine is the daughter of a teacher and knows firsthand the benefits of a strong education. Jasmine supports providing a world-class public education from early childhood through post-secondary for Americans. We must be competitive on the global stage and that starts by making sure we are cultivating young minds to be the leaders of tomorrow. Education should be enriching and uplift us, not saddle people down with insurmountable debt. Jasmine supports vocational education as well to ensure we have a strong workforce where everyone has a chance to get ahead through hard work.


Jasmine has been a Civil Rights attorney for over 15 years and has represented high-profile cases including the families of Jordan Edwards, Jackie Craig and many more North Texans who have been victims of injustice. Jasmine has been a champion for Texans from all walks of life and every identity. Jasmine has fought anti-LGBT legislation tooth and nail in the Texas House, and will fight for increased protections from discrimination. Jasmine will continue being a steadfast and vocal ally of the LGBT+ community.


Jasmine has worked closely with constituents in North Texas who are directly impacted by environmental inequality in our district. From shingle mountain to the concrete plants in south and west Dallas, Jasmine has been fighting to clean up our community from pollution


Jasmine is a civil rights attorney who practices in federal courts and has submitted briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States urging them to uphold the constitution in key cases. Jasmine knows first hand and firmly believes that our nation is strongest when we have a fair, impartial, and balanced judiciary. She believes that Congress not only has the authority, but an oath-sworn duty, to take any actions that will restore balance to our courts.