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Andy Harris

The son of immigrants who fled communist Eastern Europe immediately after World War II, Dr. Andy Harris has made a lifetime commitment to serving his neighbors, country, and community. Whether it was as a physician at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital (or currently at Memorial Hospital of Easton), as a veteran of the Naval Reserve, as a hard-working state Senator, or now as Congressman, Andy has always been committed to serving others. He is dedicated to making sure every constituent in the 1st Congressional District receives the highest quality assistance and is well represented in the halls of Congress.

Beginning career & service

Andy is the proud father of five children (Joe, Becky, Irene, Jessica and Daniel), grandfather of ten, and was husband to his late wife Cookie for 34 years. Born in working-class Brooklyn in 1957, Andy found his calling studying medicine at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he lived in a one-room apartment and worked nights and weekends as a blood bank technician to help pay the tuition. Dr. Harris graduated near the top of his class and continued to practice medicine at Johns Hopkins for almost three decades. Dr. Harris has been voted by his peers to receive the esteemed “Top Doc” award from Baltimore Magazine numerous times. For the last few years Andy has also practiced at Memorial Hospital in Easton and Peninsula Regional Medical Center on the Eastern Shore.

Serving his country

Filling a critical need for anesthesiologists in the Naval Reserve during the Reagan administration, Andy volunteered for the Medical Corps, and later established and commanded the Johns Hopkins Medical Naval Reserve Unit P0605C. In 1990, his unit was recalled to assist with Operation Desert Shield (and later Operation Desert Storm), during which they took care of active duty personnel, veterans, and returning POWs at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Harris reached the rank of Commander (O-5). He served for over 16 years.

Serving his community

Unhappy with the status-quo in Annapolis, Harris decided to take on the establishment and run for the Maryland State Senate in 1998. After being elected Andy continued to serve as a physician – epitomizing our Founding Fathers’ belief in a part-time, citizen legislature. His innovative thinking, devotion to efficient government, and dedication to his constituents earned him the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award from the Maryland Taxpayers Association.

Serving the 1st Congressional District in DC

Andy started his 6th term in January 2021 as the Congressman from the beautiful 1st Congressional District of Maryland. He serves on the Appropriations Committee. He also serves on two sub-committees: Agriculture and the Labor, HHS and Education.

Serving his family

Remarried in 2017, Andy continues to commute to DC from the District allowing him time with his wife Nicole, children (including his step-son David), and grandchildren. More important, the daily return home to the District enables him to be actively connected to the community and the issues facing the families and businesses of the district. He enjoys spending time at home in Dorchester County, on the Bay with his family, gardening, and fixing up cars with his sons & step-son. He’s known for being thrifty, repairing things whenever possible, and recycling everything eligible to be recycled.

Cutting Taxes

I know how burdensome our tax system is on hard-working families. That’s why I voted for major tax-reform that lowered taxes for most Maryland families, and supported efforts of Republicans in Maryland to make necessary state tax code changes. Unfortunately, we continue to battle against liberal, progressive, Democrat pro-tax movements in Washington and Annapolis, and they hinder our efforts to help you keep more of your paychecks. But this major tax reform has benefitted Maryland workers beyond tax cuts, including work bonuses or increased pay. Click here for a partial list.

I am not done with my efforts yet, and will continue to push for more tax cuts and tax reform for our seniors, families, and businesses. Letting you keep more of your hard-earned paychecks is a top priority, and with that comes cutting wasteful spending and keeping government spending in check, so we can afford tax cuts while preventing future generations from a debt that will bankrupt our country.

Growth and Jobs

My efforts in Congress have helped lower unemployment rates in every county in the district. And I will continue to lead us towards even more business growth and job opportunities.

For years, American businesses were mired in regulation, litigation, and taxation. Since getting elected to Congress, I have been working to make America more competitive, as appropriate for the 21st century. That includes fostering an economic climate that helps U.S. industries adapt and grow, hire new employees, and invest in research and development.

We’ve started to see the results, and the world is waking up to the new America that will not be short-changed in the global economy. I will continue advocating for reduced government regulations to ease the unnecessary burdens on business. I will continue to support tax cuts that enable our businesses to invest in their growth and new hires.

Moreover, I strongly support workforce development, so we can provide the manpower that is needed by our employers. We must have an educated and skilled workforce so our local businesses can expand, and we can attract other businesses to set up operations here. My efforts will help adults get training for better jobs and higher wages.


Education is the cornerstone of every child’s development and the foundation of our future economic success as a country. That’s why I have been a strong advocate for more funding to improve the education and safety of our public schools.

I know educational decisions must continue to be made through local control of schools that empower parents and school districts to make the best decisions for their children. Bringing accountability, flexibility, and choice to our schools are vital to achieving results in our classrooms.

I also strongly support jobs skills training in high schools, which will better prepare students for careers or college. Having a strong workforce will encourage business growth and expansion. Providing a competitive workforce that is well trained for the jobs of the 21st century will enable us to keep jobs at home and bring more here.

Finally, improving education also means a focus on addressing issues of higher education, including its affordability. To that end, we must ensure a simplified federal student aid application, and explore solutions to the out-of-control student loan debts. We must support students earning college credits from demonstrating knowledge they acquired and not just how many hours they spend in a classroom. We must encourage more federal support for funding internships and apprenticeships, that enables students to acquire skills and training.


To protect our families, I continue to support legislation that will impose tougher penalties, as well as deport dangerous gang members and traffickers who are in this country illegally. I oppose sanctuaries for violent and criminal illegal immigrants.

I also supported the First Step Act, which focuses on long-needed prison reform and provides $50 million to the Bureau of Prisons annually for the next five years for prison programs including education, drug treatment, and job skills training.


I have also voted to ensure a more than $1 billion increase in federal funds to combat opioids nationally, and will continue to fight for more funds for education, prevention, and treatment programs. As a doctor, I am very concerned about the medical response to the opioid crisis as well as prevention, including prescriptions that can lead to abuse of painkillers, or other opioid dependence, or substance abuse. My background in medicine enables me to be a voice of experience in Congress, and I will continue to lead on a path toward best practices and solutions for this crisis.

Health Care

As a physician who has cared for patients for over 35 years, I have seen firsthand the critical impact health care has on the daily lives of Americans. That’s why I supported giving states more control over health care, to be able to make physical and mental health care decisions based on local needs. I supported bipartisan legislation to improve health care accessibility and affordability, and provide more federal funding, particularly for our children and elderly.

As the only physician in Congress who has been a recipient of NIH medical research grants, I understand how important it is to fund breakthrough discoveries that can ease the pain and suffering of millions of Americans. As an example, in the last 4 years that I have served on the Appropriations Committee, I have championed the quadrupling of research funds to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease to over $2 billion a year now.

I also championed bipartisan legislation for medical marijuana research, to further explore possibilities for easing suffering and pain of loved ones.

I supported common sense reform measures, like increasing competition between insurance companies by allowing competition across state lines, tax deductibility of 100% of medical costs, expanding health insurance savings accounts, and other measures that allow you to be in control of your health care decisions.

I understand the need for our families to have top quality care. For example, as an obstetric anesthesiologist, I have seen the cesarean section rate rise dramatically from my days in residency. In addition, women have seen a dramatic increase to the number of experienced OB/GYN doctors who no longer practice obstetrics. Those that do still practice obstetrics tend to practice in large group settings – which means it’s unlikely women will know which doctor will actually deliver their child. As a result, they no longer develop that important personal relationship with their doctor. This is all a result of the dramatic increases in medical malpractice rates. Trial lawyers pursuing frivolous lawsuits are driving up health care costs for everyone, and in the process causing women to get a lower quality of health care. Tort reform is a necessary component to meaningful health care improvement efforts. A number of tort reform measures have passed out of the House with my full support.

There are many health care actions that Congress must undertake, and I know that although our system is still not perfect, the United States still has the best health care in the world. Let’s keep it that way, and work to improve it even more.


As the son of immigrants who came to America fleeing Communism, I know that our welcoming society and streets paved with opportunity can change the lives of legal immigrants while helping to make America great.

But we have to reform our process that provides a legal path to immigration and citizenship, protecting our neighborhoods from criminals, violent gangs, terrorists, and others who illegally cross our borders and endanger our families.

Respecting America’s laws should be the first step towards becoming an American and giving back to our country. We should fully support enforcing existing immigration laws, securing our borders, and denying criminal, illegal immigrants safety in sanctuary states.

I also support Homeland Security procedures for refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries, that properly screen for terrorists.

Quality of life

In Congress, I am working to improve quality of life for the entire First District, including:

  • Protecting our family farms, while encouraging sustainable practices and policies.
  • Preserving the health and beauty of our Chesapeake Bay.


I am proud to be ProLife and to be recognized as the ProLife candidate for the 1st Congressional District.

Pro 2nd Amendment

Our right to self-preservation is given to us by God. The Bill of Rights protects our God given rights from the overreach of government. I am proud to be a strong believer and protector of the 2nd Amendment.