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Harriet M. Hageman

I am a deep-rooted Wyomingite. Raised on a ranch near Fort Laramie, I grew up understanding the value of hard work, integrity, self-sufficiency, and honesty. Here in Wyoming, we have a long and proud history of standing up against an overbearing government. And now, we are fighting back against big government bureaucrats who want to manage our lands, control our lives, and dictate what we are allowed to think and say.

I have dedicated my career to fighting for the people of the great State of Wyoming as we’ve been under assault from Washington, D.C., and career politicians. For the last 20 years, I have been fighting back against Federal agencies that try to usurp our rights with overbearing regulations. I’ve never allowed my Conservative values to be shaken in the face of Left-Wing ideologues.

As an attorney, I battled Bill Clinton’s attempt to block access to one-third of our National Forest Lands, stopped the EPA’s efforts to take control of our irrigation infrastructure and operations, blocked the USDA from forcing our livestock producers to use radio-frequency eartags and register all of our ranches with the federal government, and more. Now I am ready to fight for Wyomingites in Congress.

Liz Cheney cast her lot with the Washington, D.C. elites and those who use their power to further their own agenda at our expense. She doesn’t represent Wyoming and she doesn’t represent conservatives. We deserve better. We demand better. I am running to represent Wyomingites and take our state back from big government.

Protecting Our Constitution

Big government politicians in our country have steered us dangerously away from the Constitutional foundation on which America was built. The separation of powers, a limited and confined federal government, and individual liberty are more endangered now than at any time in the history of the United States. The Left has unleashed an onslaught on our Constitution, and they are working their way down the list of freedoms they have decided must be taken away. They want to eliminate freedom of speech, dissolve our right to keep and bear arms, and seize our private property, just to name a few. Our rights are not allowances from the government that can be so easily destroyed. Freedom and liberty are inherent in each of us, granted upon conception by our Creator, and we must fight every day to protect those rights from big government liberals and bureaucrats who seek to curtail them at every opportunity. I will work every day to block the liberals’ efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Deregulating the Administrative State

The federal government has grown so massively in excess of anything our Founders could have ever envisioned that they would hardly recognize this country today. For years, Congress has been delegating its authority to ever-expanding agencies, thereby empowering unelected government bureaucrats to write and enforce regulations that affect the lives and livelihoods of every person in Wyoming. I’ve spent most of my professional career fighting back against many of those rules and regulations, fighting the bureaucrats who seek to micromanage our employers and entrepreneurs, including ranchers, farmers, and energy producers. Congress created this mess, and Congress must fix it. Congress must focus like a laser on curtailing the power of these bloated federal agencies and block their ongoing efforts to restrict and destroy our entrepreneurial and personal freedoms. We need real and fundamental reform of the Administrative State. I have fought regulators and bureaucrats in court; now I will do it in Congress.

Standing up for Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are the foundation of our Republic. Over the past two years we’ve seen Democrats chip away at this foundation, changing and altering election rules – often using friendly courts and changes implemented by unelected bureaucrats - in a way that undermines our very form of government. Tens of millions of Americans have lost faith in the security and integrity of our elections and we must rebuild that trust. We must put a stop to things such as blindly mailing ballots, often to millions of registered voters who did not ask for them, without accountability or a proper chain of custody. There is also no good, commonsense argument against requiring people to show identification to vote. As your Congresswoman, I will ensure that every eligible American is able to vote, vote once, and have that vote be counted.

Controlling Government Spending

Prosperity in our country is often dependent upon the affordability of necessities - affordable housing, affordable food, and affordable energy. Unfortunately, bad public policy has created an inflationary spiral. As prices of necessary goods continue to increase, Democrats in Congress are calling for more irresponsible spending to the tune of trillions of dollars. It is vital that we rein in spending. High inflation is a hidden tax on Americans at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and in every aspect of our lives. Pursuing an agenda that is designed to make basic necessities more expensive is not only wrong, it is cruel, unsustainable, and will lead to a lower standard of living for everyone.

Demanding Transparency in Government and Reining in the Surveillance State

Our government must be transparent and accountable and so we must rein in the surveillance state in America. The FBI and NSA have been pursuing surveillance operations outside of the public eye and in violation of the Constitution. We know from the Russia Hoax, which was the fabricated idea that President Trump’s campaign had colluded with Russian agents, that there are political operatives in these agencies who are willing to abuse the FISA system and process for their own political ends. Current FISA law inhibits Congress’ ability to exercise proper oversight of FISA activities and investigations. FISA laws must be reformed to restrict the government from circumventing the Fourth Amendment, from snooping through our private records and communications, from pursuing political witch hunts, and from abusing its power.

Putting America First

America is the greatest country in the history of the world. We reached that pinnacle by protecting freedom, upholding human rights, and building a land of opportunity for all who aspire to greatness. We are headed down the wrong road right now, with the Democrats pursuing policies that are designed to destroy everything that has made this country what it is—the Shining City on the Hill. If we refuse to secure our borders, continue to ship our manufacturing jobs overseas, and assume that our energy needs can be met by countries who are hostile to our way of life and culture, our future generations, our children and grandchildren, will suffer the most. We don’t have the right to mortgage their future. A lack of jobs and opportunity will become our way of life, with the elite few succeeding as everyone else, including our middle class, loses ground. Every decision that Congress makes should be focused on what is best for American families and businesses, not on what helps the globalists or the military industrial complex. Putting America First means Putting Americans First.

Protecting the Unborn

The most basic fundamental right we all hold is the right to life. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdowns we’ve been hearing an ongoing mantra from the Left that we must “Trust the Science.” The Democrats’ publicly expressed belief in science has limits, however. We need to look no further than the fact that a unique human life is formed at the moment of conception, a human life with its own genetic code and individual existence. Babies have a heartbeat within six weeks of gestation. They can feel pain, they have dreams when they sleep, and they are every bit as human before they are born as they are after. There is no justification for refusing to protect these precious lives and I will strongly support laws that seek to ensure their safety. Abortion will one day be remembered as a grave stain on American history. Until then, we will never stop advocating for the most vulnerable among us.

Stopping the Radical Biden Agenda

Joe Biden is a puppet of a radical Left which will go to any lengths necessary to achieve their dream of a socialist America. Their agenda is Critical Race Theory, imposing bone-crushing taxes on American families, taking our guns, silencing free speech, weaponizing government agencies against us, and destroying the American dream. Democrats represent the antithesis to liberty, freedom, and the values we hold dear in America. I will work every day in Congress to fight the Biden/Pelosi agenda. I will stand up against the woke radicals and anyone who is complicit in their attacks on our country.

Fighting for Federal Land Management Reform

As Wyomingites, we take pride in our independence. Our ancestors settled this land and created our communities through grit and hard work, only to suffer the consequences of bad public land policies adopted and enforced by bureaucrats in Washington, DC. The United States Forest Service has been mismanaging our forest lands for years, resulting in catastrophic fires, horrific insect outbreaks, the fouling of our watersheds, and devastating losses to our local communities. The fact is that bad land management decisions destroy our environment, and in a state like Wyoming where almost 50% of our surface real estate is owned by the federal government, we suffer more than most. It is long past time that we held the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management accountable for their actions. We need leaders in Washington who know how these agencies work, and who have the background and experience to actually enforce multiple-use laws and requirements. When I get to Congress, I’ll fight to implement real and effective land management policies in order to protect those communities and businesses who have suffered the most as a result of Washington, D.C.’s decades-long failures.

Keeping Taxes Low

As if the inflation we are experiencing isn’t enough hardship for our workers and families, the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are trying to raise our taxes to pay for their trillion-dollar spending spree. They are actually demanding that American companies pay higher taxes than their competitors in Communist China. Our country experienced the best economy in decades thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Reversing this to punish individuals and job creators isn’t just bad policy. It’s shortsighted, dangerous for our already fragile economy, and morally wrong. No matter what the Democrats think, government doesn’t stimulate the economy or create jobs: private industry does. We need to dramatically shrink the size and scope of the federal government, not expand it. In Congress, I will fight any effort to raise taxes and, instead, focus on ways to cut both federal spending and taxes.

Securing our Border

There is an undeniable crisis at our southern border. Our border patrol agents know it, you and I know it, and Congress knows it. President Biden and Vice President Harris know it too, but they refuse to do anything about it. Every day that we fail to stop drugs, human trafficking, and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flooding across our border, we are destroying our country’s sovereignty and squandering the future for our children and grandchildren. President Trump spent four years securing our border, thereby reducing the human misery that is so obviously caused by the open-border policy we are witnessing now. The Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are making Americans less safe and every single one of us will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Defending our Energy Industries

America could be and should be energy independent. That is a fact. The reality is that America has no reason to rely upon hostile countries to supply us with oil and gas. The Democrats, and President Biden in particular, hate that reality. Some of the very first decisions made by the president were designed to cripple our ability to explore for, produce, and transport our energy resources. The Democrats seek to block any project that is intended to lower the cost of energy for consumers. The Biden Administration is blocking the construction of pipelines and other infrastructure in this country, while simultaneously lifting sanctions that will now allow Russia to complete its Nord 2 pipeline. This is the very definition of an “America Last” policy, with no other country on earth being as short-sighted or hostile to what is the lifeblood of our economy. I will always support and fight for energy independence and to protect our oil, gas and coal industries and in Wyoming.

Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is one of the most fundamental rights in America. The authority to protect yourself and your family must never be infringed. Now, the radical Biden Administration is attempting to strip our rights away. They treat law-abiding gun owners as criminals and push to curtail gun rights at every opportunity. I will always fight to protect our Second Amendment, and will never back down to the tyranny of this Administration or any others who are attempting to infringe upon our Constitutional rights.