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Bob Good

Born in Pennsylvania before moving to New Jersey, Bob’s family relocated to Lynchburg, Virginia when he was 9 years old and his father decided to attend seminary. One of four boys, he grew up in a modest home and learned the importance and necessity of hard work from a young age. Because his family often struggled for the bare necessities, Bob learned to appreciate the generosity of friends and others who provided assistance to his family during those financially challenging periods of his childhood.

Thanks to the continued benevolence of others, Bob was able to attend high school at Liberty Christian Academy, and he and his brothers became wrestlers. His devotion to the sport led to him winning a state championship and a partial scholarship to Liberty University. Bob’s involvement in wrestling would span four decades as a competitor, coach, administrator, and mentor of young men. The lessons learned in the sport still impact his life today, along with the young men that he was able to influence over many years.

Bob graduated from Liberty University in 1988 and soon married his college sweetheart, Tracey. With a degree in Finance, he was hired by CitiFinancial in their lending division. During his 17-year tenure, Bob ascended from branch manager, to area training director, and eventually to district manager, overseeing operations in northern Georgia, southeastern Tennessee, and ultimately central and southwest Virginia.

Bob left CitiFinancial in 2005 to accept a position as Sr. Associate Athletic Director for Development and Executive Director of the Flames Club at his alma mater, Liberty University. During his nearly 15 years at Liberty, he raised $20 million to help student-athletes from all backgrounds experience the opportunity to receive an outstanding Christ-centered education while competing in NCAA Division I athletics. Liberty’s stated mission to Train Champions for Christ had a profound impact upon Bob as a student-athlete and inspired his decades-long dedication to the university and the student-athletes who he later helped provide that same opportunity. He completed his MBA in Leadership from Liberty in 2010.

Bob is a born-again Christian, and his devotion to his faith is the guiding influence in his life. He served more than 15 years as an adult Sunday school teacher, and for 10 years as a church deacon.

Elected to office in 2015, Bob served on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors and completed his term in December of 2019. During his time on the board, Bob was known for his staunch positions on reducing taxes and regulations, encouraging economic growth, and prioritizing funding for law enforcement and public safety. In addition, Bob was a vocal supporter of the Second Amendment, preservation of our right-to-work laws, and protector of the rights of individual property owners.

Bob has been married to Tracey for 32 years and is the proud father of three grown children: Patrick, Sydney, and Conner.

Law & Order

What I Believe: America was designed to be a nation of laws. We have fought many wars to ensure this fundamental belief stays intact. Unfortunately, as we see on a daily basis now, the brave men and women of law enforcement, and our very rule of law, are being challenged in cities across America. A disregard for the laws that govern a civil society and the ‘cancel culture’ have permeated our daily lives and are endeavoring to become the norm. It is imperative that the First Amendment be protected for every citizen but when one’s rights infringe on another’s, freedom of expression no longer holds the same degree of value.

It is imperative that our law enforcement officers have access to the best training and technology available. Our communities are safer when our law enforcement departments are funded and new technologies are implemented. I am committed to working with local, state, and federal officers and authorities to maintain and improve their cooperative efforts to reduce violent crime, fight human trafficking, and defeat the drug cartels.

Why I Believe It: I know that law enforcement is critical to ensuring the safety of all citizens. I have a solid track record on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors of increasing funding for the Sheriff’s Department, increasing salaries for deputies, and ensuring law enforcement and first responders have the tools and training needed to successfully and safely do their jobs. And, I will continue this unwavering support in Congress. Public safety is a critical and essential role of government and supporting efforts to defund and disperse law enforcement is dangerous and destructive.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work on:

– Creating a Law Enforcement “Bill of Rights” that protect those who protect us Increasing funding for law enforcement departments, including competitive raises – Making crimes against law enforcement a true hate crime – Protecting police officers/deputies from assault and harassment, including protecting their families from the same – Providing greater protections for law enforcement officers from frivolous civil actions – Greater protection for police/deputies from unintended consequences of rightful/reasonable actions

Economic/Trade Policy

What I Believe: Few issues affect the lives and well-being of a nation’s citizens more than the health of its economy. As someone with a financial background, I understand that a strong economy is directly correlated with sound fiscal policies. I wholeheartedly believe that free, fair, and open markets, the return and growth of American jobs, and the elimination of barriers that obstruct economic vitality are the building blocks for a strong and prosperous future for generations to come.

I support economic policies of low taxes, deregulation, affordable plentiful energy produced in America, and fair trade and I will advocate for legislation that focuses on these as the key economic drivers of our economy. I am committed to policy initiatives that maintain and grow American jobs for American workers.

The replacement of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will usher in a new era of free and fair trade that prioritizes American workers, farmers, and businesses

Why I Believe It: The primary key to sustained economic growth is very simple: take less of our citizens’ hard-earned resources, and let them control how their money is spent, saved, or invested. Continuing to reduce regulations on businesses and eliminating useless red tape, while empowering the American entrepreneurial spirit, is crucial for economic freedom and prosperity.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to:

– Help cultivate an economic and regulatory environment that facilitates entrepreneurial development and business growth – Maintain and expand the President’s tax cuts for individuals and businesses Streamline and simplify the burdensome federal tax code – Identify and reduce, through legislation, needless regulations that increase costs, create barriers to entry, diminish productivity, and inhibit economic growth – Continue policies that have resulted in American energy independence – Ensure the United States expands free and fair trade and promotes open markets – Confront and penalize foreign governments, like China, for the theft of American intellectual property – Protect American jobs for American workers by reforming our immigration policies and creating more incentives for companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. – Preserve the “Right to Work” for all Americans, and prohibit unions from holding workers hostage thru mandatory dues or membership Ensure the slogan “Made in the USA” continues to be a standard of excellence throughout the world

Immigration Policy

What I Believe: America is unlike any other country in the world. We are comprised of people from all walks of life and from areas all over the globe. Our “melting pot” composition is our greatest strength. However, the current status of our immigration practices presents a danger to our national security, our national identity, and our national, state, and local economies. I believe it is the role of the Federal government to protect American jobs for American workers, to secure our borders including the building of a wall on our southern border, and to strengthen our immigration system by enforcing our laws, eliminating illegal immigration, and ensuring that legal immigration meets our needs as a nation. I support a merit-based system where immigration is granted to those based on our economic needs, including industries like agriculture right here in the 5th District.

Why I Believe It: Responsible immigration policies strengthen our country; unfettered and unchecked immigration is a threat. Unfortunately, illegal immigration has now become a political hotbed resulting in millions of individuals who, while many want to work and earn a living, are living in the shadows in America. The Federal and State government has now taken on the role of protecting illegal individuals in the US by providing access to services that have traditionally been reserved for those with legal status. Additionally, prohibitions on inquiring about legal status has led to an unprecedented quagmire wherein the status of individuals living in the United States is unknown. In the meantime, individuals who seek legal entry into our country complete the application process and remain in the queue for years awaiting approval. I believe that the immigration system is long overdue for real reform and it must be addressed.

I am proud of earning the grade of “True Reformer” by Numbers USA for my stance on immigration reform. It is my top priority to ensure responsible immigration strengthens the United States and not weakens and bankrupts it.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to:

– End chain migration – Improve and increase border enforcement and funding – End birthright tourism – Eliminate the Diversity Visa Program (the Visa Lottery) and end visa overstays – Make E-Verify mandatory – Strengthen our immigration biometric identification system – End amnesty and rewards for illegal immigrants (such as sanctuary cities and instate tuition) – Reduce or stop foreign aid to countries who do not help stop illegal immigration from their country into the United States

Abortion Policy

Proudly Endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee

What I Believe: Human life is a precious gift from God. The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights, as declared by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”

Protecting those who cannot protect themselves is one of the most important roles of government, and that includes precious innocent life in the womb. I am unashamedly 100% pro-life from the moment of conception, without exception, and will always strongly support legislation that protects all life in the womb.

The government does not have a role in funding abortions, but it does have a role in standing for life. I strongly believe in and will support legislative action such as H.R. 369, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2019, H.R. 20, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2019, and H.R. 962, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

I will also co-sponsor and work to pass H.R. 616, the Life at Conception Act, whichdeclares that “the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being at all stages of life, including the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual comes into being. Nothing in this bill shall be construed to require the prosecution of any woman for the death of her unborn child.”

Furthermore, I will co-sponsor and work to pass bills like H.R. 4399, the Support and Value Expectant Mothers and Babies Act, whichwould prohibit new abortion drugs and any weakening of restrictions on current abortion drugs. These drugs are used to abort children out of convenience without any “exception” requirement.

Why I Believe It: Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is not a human right. When it is treated as such, we deny that innocent baby their God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe all human life, born and unborn, should be protected and cherished. As a born-again Christian, I believe God calls us to defend the defenseless and be a voice for the voiceless. When deciding how to vote, I will always err on the side of unborn human life, each and every time.

Solutions I Will Focus On: – Make the Hyde Amendment permanent – Eliminate and prohibit all Federal funding of abortion supporters and providers such as Planned Parenthood – Work to have a Human Life Amendment enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – Protect the rights of Healthcare Providers who do not want to provide abortions or sterilization – Categorically reject any and all attempts to pass into law any pro-abortion or anti-life bills – Reject attempts to pass a “Medicare for All” bill that would require taxpayer funding of abortion – Permanently safeguard Federal policies and regulations that protect the right to life – Sponsor a personhood/heartbeat bill recognizing and protecting life from conception – Boldly work to enact the Life at Conception Act and the Support and Value Expectant Mothers and Babies Act

2nd Amendment Policy

Proudly Endorsed by Gun Owners of America

America is unlike any other country in the world. Our right to keep and bear arms not only allows us to protect our families and ourselves as well as allow us to hunt and shoot for sport, it puts a critical check on our government. I unashamedly support and defend our God-given and Constitutional right found in the Second Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms, along with the other rights found in the Bill of Rights, is fundamental to the foundation of America. Without the right of self-protection, tyranny is left unchecked and government encroachment on individual rights ensues.

So called “gun control laws,” which are supported and pushed by the Democrat party including my opponent inevitably result in an expansion of measures that limit those who use firearms in a responsible manner. We have seen this year in Virginia where these laws have put a chokehold on law-abiding citizens. We are now beholden to “red flag” laws, one handgun a month laws, and universal background check laws, among many others.

As a citizen and former supervisor on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, I have a solid record of standing up for our right to keep and bear arms. As your Congressman, I will continue to do just that.

James Madison, who was the 5th District’s first Congressman to the House of Representative, framed the Second Amendment perfectly when he said, “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people.”

Rural Broadband Policy

What I Believe: Broadband internet has become an essential need in our society today, similar to electricity and other utilities required for basic life functions. The COVID pandemic has helped to further demonstrate that the ability to connect to reliable internet service is necessary to conduct business, educate our children, and receive uninterrupted medical care, among other necessities. Online communications and commerce have become woven into our national culture and identity, and more must be done to provide this service to our rural communities. To successfully move forward together, broadband internet needs to be considered critical infrastructure.

I do not believe it is the government’s role to be the provider of internet services, but government does have a role to play. Government can and should provide incentives, such as tax breaks and specialized grants, to bring private industry into rural areas that are traditionally unprofitable for businesses alone to expand infrastructure. Facilitating federal grants for broadband expansion will allow companies to expand more rapidly into our underserved rural areas.

Why I Believe It: Similar to other utilities such as water, electric, and phone service, the broadband internet industry is often an oligopoly and requires substantial cost to create infrastructure. Comparisons can be made between the development of the Interstate Highway System and the expansion of internet service to all Americans. Commerce, communications, research and development, education, and other advancements are promoted through each of these services. Therefore, in very limited situations such as the building of these two critical infrastructure projects, the Federal government can play an important role in reducing prohibitive costs and regulations and promoting free enterprise. This investment is essential to be competitive in our domestic and global economy.

I am proud of the progress on broadband made in Campbell County during my time on the Board of Supervisors. I was able to help a neighborhood in my own Sunburst District gain access to broadband. Additionally, the board began work to provide a solution for other unserved and underserved areas of the county thru cultivation of public/private partnerships with competing prospective service providers.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to:

– Strengthen President Trump’s rural infrastructure program through various legislative actions – Support the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Universal Service Fund, which helps provide access to quality telecommunications and information services for farmers and rural consumers – Promote free, fair, and open market solutions for broadband expansion – Provide the FCC and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) needed resources that fall within the purview of the Federal government’s constitutional role and responsibilities

Energy Policy

What I Believe: The American economy should be free, fair, and open. The energy sector is no exception. Government must not be in the business of controlling, subsidizing, heavily regulating, or penalizing energy producers. The U.S. oil, gas, and electric markets must be run by private industry with limited government intrusion. I am fully supportive of new and alternative energy technology and production. However, these should be developed in the free market and not in the vacuum of big government. Capitalism is the answer to reliable and sustainable energy.

The United States must maintain the ability to produce its own energy and allow domestic supply and demand to dictate prices. Our energy policy should prioritize American consumers, American workers, American security, and the American economy.

Energy prices have a tremendous impact on our citizens and our economy. Beyond the economic impact, energy independence is vital to our national security, as we no longer depend upon foreign or even hostile nations for our energy needs.

Radical policies like the Green New Deal and agreements like the Paris Climate Accord are job- killing, economy-destroying initiatives. These proposals would not only tremendously weaken the United States economically, but would also threaten our national security and how we live our daily lives.

Why I Believe It: Energy independence is not only an economic issue, but it is also a freedom issue and a national security issue. As the energy-independent world leader in oil and natural gas production, we are no longer beholden to hostile foreign governments and overseas organizations. This must continue, and free market policies are the only method to facilitate our independence. Energy independence is vital to our overall economic freedom, and to ensuring we are able to supply our own critical energy needs.

Solutions I Will Focus On: As your representative, I will work to: – Remove cumbersome regulations that hold energy producers hostage and drive up energy costs for consumers – Encourage all forms of energy development and the responsible harvesting of our national resources – Incentivize appropriate environmental stewardship that is balanced with the economic needs provided by sufficient affordable energy – Fight the influence of environmental and climate extremism on policy and legislation – Eliminate barriers that reduce our energy exports to the global market