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Veronica Escobar

Representative Veronica Escobar is a third-generation El Pasoan who has dedicated herself to serving the people of El Paso and America.

During her first term, Congresswoman Escobar sponsored the Homeland Security Improvement Act, the Asylum Seeker Protection Act, and the Department of Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act, while co-sponsoring more than 350 additional bills.

Rep. Escobar has voted to support LGBTQ rights, equal pay, gun safety, environmental protections, expanding healthcare for all Americans, and election security.

She is an Assistant Whip, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, and the Judiciary Committee.

Her leadership positions include serving as the Freshman Co-Representative to Leadership, Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s (CHC) Freshman Representative, the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s (CPC) Vice Chair and liaison to the CHC, Vice Chair of the Women’s Working Group on Immigration and Vice Chair of the Women’s Caucus.

In 2019, she delivered the Spanish-language response to Trump’s State of the Union address.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar is the daughter of Benjamin and Isabel Escobar. She and her husband, Michael Pleters, have two children: Cristian Diego (23, Harvard graduate), and Eloisa Isabel (21, a student at Portland State University), and they live in Central El Paso.


Health insurance is fundamental to a productive, healthy citizenry. Which is why I support universal healthcare for everyone.

Americans shouldn’t have to decide between affordable healthcare and providing for their families. We should be focused on fixing a broken healthcare system and covering more Americans, especially those in need of mental health-care and those like El Paso residents, whose states refuse to allow them access to coverage.


Our senior citizens deserve financial security, and programs like Social Security are crucial to millions of Americans. That’s why I fight to protect and expand Social Security for our seniors.

While Republicans continue to threaten to cut Medicare and Social Security, I understand how devastating that would be for more than 10 million seniors. I’m proud of my work in Congress to support legislation that would bolster the program and allow our seniors the financial security they deserve.


We need to support our veterans. While Republicans continue to block legislation that will help those who served, I’m proud to have voted for:

  • Expanded access to healthcare for veterans exposed to toxicity
  • Better access to service animals for our veterans.
  • The largest cost-of-living benefit increase in 10+ years.
  • Increased food assistance for low-income veterans
  • Housing solutions and rental assistance for veterans.


The U.S.-Mexico Border is a place of profound potential. More than $80 billion in goods flow through our region annually. Which is why we need to expand our economy in a way that works for everyone — especially small businesses and hard-working El Pasoans.

I’m proud to support policies that will raise minimum wage to $15/hour, protect union workers, and make sure people are given equal pay for equal work. Hard-working El Pasoans deserve someone who grow jobs and raise incomes.


It is long past time that this country creates humane, efficient, and long-lasting immigration reform.

For too long, the US’ immigration strategy has focused only on the border. If we want to see long-term solutions, we need to address the reasons people are fleeing their country before they arrive at our nation’s door. We must also open pathways to citizenship and allow people to apply for asylum in their home countries instead of at our border. And we must provide the promised pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

Immigration policies can be humane and efficient.


Climate change is real and we must act urgently to find solutions to this threat.

I proudly serve on the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and helped secure our nation’s largest investment in addressing climate change in history. I will continue to support our transition to a clean energy future and provide resources to both industry and everyday Americans to lower those costs.

I support the Green New Deal and other policies that will address our climate crisis.


Veronica Escobar standing with a group of students High-quality education is our nation’s best path to success. From affordable college education to universal Pre-K, every dollar spent on expanding education to our nation’s students is an investment in our nation’s future.

I’m committed to:

  • Uplifting our nation’s public schools
  • Creating affordable options for higher education
  • Expanding universal Pre-K to our children


El Pasoans know the impacts of gun violence.

Long before a gunman entered our kind community with lethal actions, we’ve needed comprehensive gun safety legislation.

I’ve supported more than 20 gun safety bills including:

  • Banning assault weapons
  • Required safe storage of firearms
  • Background check for firearm sales
  • Expanding penalties for mass shooters
  • Creating active shooter mobile alerts
  • Closing loopholes for violent offenders, and more.


Our nation is made stronger with diversity. Which is why we must fight and protect equality among everyone. Regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or identity, each person’s rights must be protected.

I support:

  • Marriage equality
  • Equal pay
  • A woman’s right to choose her healthcare
  • Expanded inclusion for those with disabilities, and more.


Texas’ voter suppression law has already had a terrible impact on voter turnout in our state.

Congress must continue to fight to pass federal voting rights legislation that will:

Make Election Day a federal holiday Establish automatic voter registration through the DMV Require states offer early voting Protect election workers Require states to offer online voter registration Limit “dark money” in elections I’m proud to have launched my own campaign-funded voter registration program “Vote El Paso” which has registered more than 3,000 El Pasoans to date.