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Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren is an American legal scholar and politician. She is serving as a senior U.S. Senator for Massachusetts under the Democrats since 2013

Warren was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on June 22, 1949. Born to a middle-class family, Warren lived in Norman until 11 years old, when she moved to Oklahoma City.

But, her family’s financial status worsened after her father had a heart attack. Then, she started working as a waiter at 13. Luckily, she won a scholarship to George Washington University in 1965. But, she dropped out to marry in 1968.

She later enrolled at the University of Houston. There, she received a Bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and audiology.

Yet, Warren and her husband moved to New Jersey after a job transfer. There, she studied at Rutgers University’s School of Law. She graduated with a J.D. in 1976. After her J.D., she practiced law from her home.

(Ms. Warren’s academic research into consumer bankruptcy led to what she described as a political awakening. Source: NYTimes)

In 1992-93, Senator Warren served as the Robert Braucher Visiting Professor of Commercial Law at Harvard Law School; in 1995, she accepted a permanent appointment as the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard.

During her law career, she had written 12 books and more than 100 articles

Senator Elizabeth Warren Career

Warren began her political career as a Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2011. Warren ran unopposed for the Democrats after making a 96% win at the party’s convention. In 2012, Warren defeated the sitting incumbent, Scott Brown.

She began representing Massachusetts in 2013. She was the first female U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. In 2018, Warren won again after defeating Republican nominee Geoff Diehl

Senator Elizabeth Warren Accomplishments

Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the U.S.’s strongest advocates for economic and structural transformation. She has worked hard for middle-class families in Massachusetts. Besides lowering taxes, she also worked to improve tax laws.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a leading advocate in anti-corruption legislation within the government.

She also addressed the severe housing crisis facing the people of Massachusetts and the U.S.

She built more than 3 million new homes and cut home rents by 10% to reduce house discrimination among Americans.

She is also credited for her result-focused approach, political courage, and relentless fight for development. Her persistence against financial misappropriation led to the creation of the CFPR to protect citizens from scams.

She also served as the Chair for a panel that oversaw the financial crisis investigation to protect taxpayers and homeowners.

She also secured a $750 million debt relief fund to help students across the country.

Her administration also fostered healthcare. She allocated $100 billion to solve the substance crisis. She was also a key figure in addressing the huge price of prescription drugs

Senator Elizabeth Warren Criticisms

In 2019, Warren apologized for identifying herself as a Native American. While contesting as a presidential nominee under the Democratic, she revealed her DNA which voided her claims as a Native American. But, the ancestry DNA proved her to be more European than American.

After a year, she was also criticized again by some Native Americans. She was accused of diverting $800 million federal grants meant for Native Americans.

Warren was also alleged to sexually exhaust a young marine which she employed as an escort