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Jason Crow

Former Army Ranger and Bronze Star recipient Jason Crow grew up working class – he worked minimum-wage jobs during high school and enlisted in the National Guard and worked construction to help pay his way through college.

After graduating, Jason joined the active duty Army and served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even when he rose to the rank of Captain, Jason always remembered what it was like to march in the boots of an Army private. For Jason, this is the essence of servant leadership – always putting the needs of those you lead ahead of your own – and it continues to drive his approach today.

When Jason returned home, he looked for ways to continue to give back. Jason struggled to get his veterans benefits and knew others were having similar challenges transitioning from service to civilian life so he went to work helping veterans across Colorado.

Now Jason has taken his servant leadership to Congress where he represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District and serves on the House Small Business and Armed Services Committees and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Whether combatting the climate crisis, creating better, higher-paying jobs for hardworking families, or preventing gun violence, Jason is focused on putting Colorado and our country ahead of politics and partisanship.