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Brandon Williams

Brandon was born in Dallas, Texas and attended Pepperdine University in California where he received a BA in Liberal Arts. In August of 1990, during the build up to the first Gulf War, Brandon volunteered to serve as a nuclear submarine officer for the Navy. He graduated from college in December 1990 and reported to Officer Candidate School in March 1991. Transitioning into the nuclear engineering training was a very steep learning curve, one which he successfully accomplished against significant odds. During his military service, he made six strategic-deterrent patrols in the Pacific aboard the USS Georgia, serving as the Strategic Missile Officer. Early in his military service he fell in love and married Stephanie McRee (Williams), daughter of a senior Army officer and Vietnam Veteran (Col. McRee was awarded three Bronze Stars with Valor). Stephanie grew up on Army bases and experienced first-hand the threat of Communism while her father was stationed in Germany on the front lines of the Cold War. Following his Navy service, Brandon attended the renowned Wharton School in Philadelphia, earning an MBA double majoring in in Operations & Information Management and Finance.

Brandon’s military career and entrepreneurial career have taken him and his family around this country, but they landed in Central New York in 2010. Together, Brandon and Stephanie started an agribusiness in the Finger Lakes region and participated in attracting tourist and economic development to our community.

Brandon is also a pioneer in innovation, founding a software company that now helps large industrial manufacturers modernize their production plants, secure their critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks, and paves the way for reduced emissions through advances in artificial intelligence.

Today, Brandon humbly represents the people of New York’s 22nd District in Congress. Brandon is an entrepreneur, a husband of thirty years, the father of two adult children, and a Veteran of the U.S. Navy.


Brandon believes that everyone deserves to live in a community that is safe and secure.

In Congress, Brandon will work to increase funding and resources for police and law enforcement to ensure they can do their jobs properly and keep families safe.

Brandon also promotes making our communities safer by ending the failed radical cashless bail law, which currently lets violent criminals out of jail to continue committing more crimes.


Brandon has signed the “Term Limit Pledge” and believes our Founding Fathers never intended for people to make a career out of being in Congress. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi (and many, many more) are all proof that this is an urgent and essential Constitutional Amendment. Congress should be a place to go serve one’s communities, not somewhere to go get rich and out of touch as so many do over the years.


In order to reduce inflation and renew our economy, we need to lower taxes, cut wasteful government spending, reduce the national debt, and make America energy independent again.

Reckless government spending is the leading cause of inflation and career politicians are the problem. Borrowing from China and throwing money at our problems isn’t working. Brandon has worked directly in complex financial markets and understands the urgency we must have to put our nation on a prudent spending course.


Brandon supports American energy independence and will fight to keep gas prices and utility costs low for New Yorkers, while also rejecting radical policies like the Green New Deal which will hurt working and middle class families financially as it kills jobs and puts America last.


Having made six strategic-deterrent patrols on a Trident submarine, Brandon believes in a strong and prepared military to deter our enemies and stand prepared to defend our interests around the world. America’s military must maintain a “peace through strength” posture to protect our citizens and allies at home and abroad.


Every child deserves a first-class education regardless of where they live or how much money their family has. Parents deserve to have a say in the curriculum and education of their children.

Brandon opposes radical government mandates that require schools to teach 7-9 year old children about gender identity and sexual orientation and he supports prohibiting pornographic images from being used in school curriculums.


The Federal government continues to take too much power away from the states (mostly through financial grants to states that have policy strings attached). We must return power to the states as the Founders intended. The more an issue impacts our families, the more it should be decided by those closest to our communities, homes, and neighborhoods on the state level.


As a former nuclear submarine officer, Brandon is committed to continuing to fix and improve services for our Veterans, particularly by enforcing better management and accountability of the Veterans Administration.

Recognizing that the benefits we give them upon returning home are a direct reflection of our commitment to their service, we must honor and take care of those who have sacrificed to defend our freedoms.


Abortion ends all future possibilities for the life it takes. Brandon will always promote life while also standing with young mothers to ensure that choice is protected in instances of rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Brandon will work tirelessly with both parties to expand the options for expecting mothers by making adoptions more affordable and accessible.


Voter ID laws are needed to protect voters’ ballots. If you need an ID to buy alcohol and tobacco, it makes sense to require one to vote. We must end the practice of ballot harvesting, and never allow election laws to be changed in the middle of an election.


The 2nd Amendment isn’t just about hunting, it’s about protecting our homes and our families. Brandon supports the rights of law-abiding Americans to own guns.

Brandon is a gun owner, hunter, and lifelong shooter where he was also a U.S. Navy expert marksman in pistol.


Legal immigration built America, but illegal immigration is tearing our country apart.

Brandon supports securing our Southern Border and enforcing immigration laws. We must have a robust and fair system that rewards those who obey our laws while disincentivizing those who choose to break them.


As a tech-industry entrepreneur, Brandon will lead efforts to rein in the abuse, power, and censorship of “big-tech.” They should never be allowed to sell our personal data or censor our free speech. Brandon supports reforming Section 230 so Big Tech is held accountable for their actions.