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Andy Beshear

Governor Andy Beshear continues to steer Kentucky through a global pandemic, focusing on keeping our people safe and saving lives, rebuilding our economy in every corner of the commonwealth and protecting our most vulnerable.

His early and aggressive action during the COVID-19 pandemic helped save lives by putting people over politics and following science and the advice of our public health professionals.

I ran for governor to do right by our neighbors. During COVID, that has meant standing up to misinformation and politics-as-usual. I’ve done the right thing, even when it’s unpopular.

Governor Beshear is positioning Kentucky to emerge from the pandemic even stronger. Under his leadership, Kentucky’s economy is on fire. Governor Beshear has helped create tens of thousands of new jobs with more than $5.3 billion invested in Kentucky from private companies since he took office.

He’s also rebuilding infrastructure all over the state, making our roads safer and accelerating the Mountain Parkway Expansion in eastern Kentucky.

It’s been incredible to see these kinds of investments pouring into Kentucky. Every job created is another family who can get ahead. These jobs mean being able to make the mortgage or rent, put a little into savings and plan for the kids to go to college or get job training. It’s a long-term difference maker for our communities.

Governor Beshear has protected access to healthcare for more than 100,000 Kentuckians and relaunched KYnect, the state-based health insurance exchange, which will soon begin enrolling Kentuckians for coverage. And he’s expanding voting rights, including to more than 180,000 Kentuckians with a felony conviction.

I’ve always said that my job is to look out for the lost, the lonely and the left behind. That means ensuring that our people can access quality health care, that our most vulnerable have a voice at the ballot box, and that Kentucky is a welcoming, inclusive place for everyone.

Andy and his wife, Britainy, have two children, Will and Lila, and dog Winnie (she’s had some recent adventures with skunks). His family attends Beargrass Christian Church, where both Andy and Britainy serve as deacons. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt with a bachelor in political science and anthropology and holds a juris doctorate from the University of Virginia law school.